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California Myotis Bat

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California Myotis Bat, Ojai

California Myotis Bat ~ Myotis californicus. Photo taken in the eaves of a residence in the Ojai Valley, California. The bats take periodic flights from 9:00 PM until close to dawn. The California Myotis Bat will make temporary roosts in the same location each night, embarking on foraging flights once or twice per hour throughout the night. The daytime roost is in a more protected location but is not always in the same spot each day. At times they have roosted in the pool table. It is a big surprise to them when someone breaks the first set of balls. And a great house advantage when they fly out to see what all of the racket is about. The insects have been almost completely controlled . . . bzzz .. . flap flap . . no more bzzz. The California Myotis bat can live up to 15 years, a pair will produce one baby each year in the late Spring or early Summer. I have only found them roosting singly in our area. We have a bat house attached to the side of the house hoping to encourage more insect devouring residents.

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