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Barn Owl Conversation

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Barn Owl

Barn Owl from Painted Rock at Carrizo Plain, California.

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A Barn Owl was the highlight to a trek to the Painted Rock at Carizzo. The surrounding landscape is filled with medicinal plants. The large rocks jut out of the grassland. All of the spiritual history and energy of this place, it only seemed right when a Barn Owl burst out of a small cave over my head. The Barn Owl alighted on a nearby rock face and made faces at me. So I made a few back and left with spirits high. Much more was communicated than words ever could.

Barn Owl on mouse

Barn Owl - Ojai Meadow Preserve

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I had stopped in at the Ojai Meadow to find an owl, mostly because I had said I could, so just wanted to make sure I wasn't just telling tales. I was looking for a family of Great Horned Owls that often roost in the Eucalyptus trees. I didn't see them, but noticed a friend that lives nearby and went to chat with him. We traded tales and tall tales, and as afternoon drifted into dusk we heard the Great Horned Owls off to the north of where I expected them. Then we heard the Western Screech Owls trill, followed by the Barn Owls screech. The Barn Owls had emerged from their owl box. This male Barn Owl was attracted to a mouse and landed nearby in the beam of a flashlight.

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